Do you ignore your tween's capacity to innovate?

You have just a 6 years window to build your tween’s future. We know kids between 8 – 14 years have the maximum capacity to innovate. We can deepen their mindset of innovation.

Children dream without boundaries

They challenge the status quo, approaching everything around them with a inquisitive mind. Their unlimited curiosity know no bounds and the challenge of modern education is to inspire them to dream more and do more.

We believe that children are at their creative best when they do more and go beyond theory.

Hands-on, project-based learning helps them become innovators, team players and problem solvers – the kind of skills the future warrants.

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Program Features

Futuristic Curriculum

Prepare your child for the future by exploring topics from Biotechnology to A.I. helping them to follow their passion and solve challenges of the future through innovation.

5 Senses Experiments

Help your child engage all their senses through hands on activities and challenges in experimenting and tinkering with practical activities

Personalized Reports​

Keep track of your child’s progress, the skills they acquire and the milestones they achieve in innovation.

Friendly Mentors & Coaches

Keep your child engaged as they explore various concepts in their area of interest as they are guided by subject matter experts adding to the fun and interactive learning experience.

Capstone Projects

Ensure that children get the opportunity to showcase their creative, communicative and thinking skills.​

Our Achievements

Let's hear what our family says

Cijin Thomas, Father of Karen,
Grade 7, Cochin

The virtual tinkering sessions are very informative and educational. The mentors were also great, clearing doubts all the time and the coaches explained all the concepts in a simple manner. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

Abin Vinay,
Grade 8, Cochin

First when our mentor asked who all liked mechanics there was no one, but after the session I really liked mechanics, it was that interesting. I would surely give my name for the future programs as well.

Laxmi Koudi, Mother of Varun,
Grade 6, Bangalore

I am a teacher by profession, even I too get many thoughtful activities to introduce a topic. Inspired by this classes my son started a YouTube channel and created a website by himself for updating his activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The subjects covered under the program range from Design Thinking, Web Development, Biotechnology, Agri Technology, Animation and Mechanics to many more. For every track, 8 to 16 hours will be conducted and a certificate will be issued after successful completion.

  • Students have the opportunity to enroll in our online community and connect with other students, demonstrate their creations and collaborate with their peers.
  • Students can take guidance and embark on the right path with the help of our Mentor Centre. Contacting a mentor is just a call away, in case anyone is unsuccessful in moving a project forward.
  • Students can put their wits and smarts to the test with competitions and events sponsored by Bibox Labs. This makes their experiences more fun, competitive and insightful.

Kids are the most curious beings on Earth.

In a world where the organic education process of relying heavily on theory has dominated for years and produced a number of qualified workforce employees, our alternative approach is aimed towards giving rise to more innovators and free thinkers. Our curriculum empowers kids by giving wings to their ideas, an environment to carry out experiments and gain experiential learning that not only helps them understand a subject beyond theory but also go the extra mile and innovate.

Bibox Labs is a meticulously planned curriculum that imbibes the pedagogic principles of 21st century learning.

Our approach turns the orthodox education process on its head stressing on innovative thinking and creating effective solutions to existing problems.

Turn their dreams into reality.
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