How to Be Best Mentors to Your Children | Upskilling

Parents are children’s very first and best mentors. They always see the spark in them which the outer world might miss on. Hence, it is very important for the parents to learn about the likings and inclination their kids show in order to stand as a support to them when they look back with a question mark.

Here’s a quick read of what important qualities a child should learn outside of the school education to outstand in the crowd:

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Be your child’s best mentor to make them learn better and stand out

Learning Through Playful Activities

Children and toddlers are kept in a nutshell and hence, they are very experimental, playful, and excited to learn the outer world. We need to support this curiosity as it is an opportunity for us to prove as their best mentors and establish trust-not fear.

For example, cooking with them could be one of the fun playful activities for toddlers. We can involve them in cooking while we teach simple science behind putting different spices, the use of salt, eating healthy, or the importance of serving hot. These practical examples will not only make them learn difficult concepts easily but also that they will remember it for life. Such playful activities for toddlers are indeed the best way to make them learn lessons which at school they prefer skipping.

Give Importance to Their Extracurricular Activities

As the child grows, they involve themselves in all types of fun extracurricular activities around them, irrespective of knowing which they are good or bad at. Mostly, we, being their parents always guide them to give priority to grades at school first and consider everything else secondary. Why are these extracurricular activities important? They help your child find their true potentials. Our guidance, however, molds their key belief, and being children, they tend to give partial efforts towards these otherwise important extracurricular activities.

Instead, let’s try to be inclusive of everything they choose to do. Giving an equal amount of rewards when they win at an outdoor game, a debate competition, drawing, or slogan writing, this will always boost their confidence and they will surprisingly succeed not just in one activity but in everything they take up.

Make Them Believe in the Power of Communication

There is a broader prospect of the term-Communication. Why say the power of communication? It helps not only in presenting your mind right but is an important skill when working in a team, while consulting a client, and also solves disputes and misunderstandings on all levels.

Coming to any conclusion or finding quick solutions to a problem should not be your child’s way out but communicating the correct idea, solving a problem on a good note should definitely be one. This could be inculcated from our side by sitting with them when they are disappointed and talking point by point solution. We can indulge them in healthy debates to see how they try convincing us for a point they believe in, and fruitful conversations will always make their ideas and beliefs stronger.

Parents are equal learners as their children. They try different ways to upskill their little ones and want to witness their growth and development. However, what they miss out on is the fact that with being children’s parents and best mentors they can also be their best friend first to seek empathy and support in an equal manner!

At BiBox labs, we understand this relation and consider the urge parents have to find the best for their children. Our mentors try to bridge this same relation and try becoming their best friends in the game of learning and leading.

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