2020: Boon to be an Opportunist | Innovate to Adapt

2020: The global pandemic has made each one of us an innovator-we found ways to make this uncertain time enjoyable, learnable, and productive

The initial phase of this Pandemic was tough. Slowly, people understood to learn, accept, and then adapt to the coming challenges.

But can we so-called-innovators be opportunists too, to make the most out of this dull period? If yes, then how? Learn to innovate to adapt.

2020: A year full of opportunities. Bring the best out of yourself. Innovate to adapt

  1. IQ check! EQ?

With clapping hands from the balcony or lighting diyas, anything and everything which encourages positivity in us are important to be done.

Emotional challenges can be solved only by giving practical direction to thoughts. Can we be supportive enough to the relative who started their own home business of making masks or helping the needy? Can we ourselves be as creative as our younger selves to start something new and accomplish it?

  1. What’s New?

The free period of 4 months has given everyone enough time to revisit our old passions, dreams we had as children, or then thought impossible professions. If not productive best, we have definitely become our creative best.

How does that make any difference to us? We equally need to pull our game by acing at innovating ways in completing ordinary tasks. With an introduction to the new normal, are we also ready to show our newness and uniqueness to the world?

Let us up-skill ourselves with the now-trending fields to stay ahead of times and talk innovation!

  1. Let’s Work Together to Stay Ahead!

The professional world has become competitive to a limit that we can see our children being ranked 2nd in the class by a 0.1%

This attitude made sense in the pre-pandemic world where grades for children, deliverables for professionals, and numbers for businessmen mattered the most. However, the post-pandemic world requires us to survive the down falling conditions, maintain our performance, and try to be at the lead.

This brings in the concept of Collaboration!

As the world is moving forward, everyone wants to be a profit in a minimum given time. How to do that? Partner with an equal, be the best at your personal talents and skills, become an unbreakable team, and ace the game. That’s just how you seize an opportunity irrespective of uncertain circumstances.

  1. Do I Know Everything to Survive?

Haven’t we seen our children asking endless questions to us? Or having mobile phones and devices in hand which they keep learning by themselves that to a point where we start learning from them?

That’s an art called curiosity! Do we know everything which would survive us through this tough time? What are the current trends? Which ways will make me stand out from others? What am I best at?

Curiosity does wonders as it is the foundation of beginning to learn. Hence, ask questions. Be confused. Find unique and innovative solutions!

  1. Finally, Learn to Adapt!

When a challenge is introduced, we all find ourselves in a place where our learning, skills, education, and experience fail. Here, one needs to innovate to adapt. That is, to find unique and innovative ways to stay ahead.

Here we need to accept the current situation and adapt to the change. As they say it, ‘Change is the only constant!’

Positivity is infectious and takes us to the destination. Adapting to the change and then defeating with our mindset is a better solution than to keep fighting against the odds or waiting for it to come back to normalcy.

With these few qualities, one can definitely turn into an opportunist and conquer the hard times with success, productivity, self-awareness, and good mental health.

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