2020: Boon to be an Opportunist | Innovate to Adapt

It’s funny how sitting at home for a year has brought out sides of us we didn’t know existed all our lives.


If there was one thing the pandemic did right, it was to show us who we truly are. Boredom led us all to pick up new habits to keep ourselves motivated and entertained in these uncertain times. Initially, it was difficult because we have never been exposed to something like this but with time, we realised that we had to accept it and to make the most of it.


Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


So, how can innovators make the most out of these opportunities?

2020: A year full of opportunities. Bring the best out of yourself. Innovate to adapt

1. IQ. Check! EQ?

Encouraging positivity is very essential during these trying times because a happy mind is a creative mind. So, any activity that awakens positive feelings should be carried out. This could include clapping hands from your balcony or simply listening to some good music.


Sometimes, the challenges you face may be emotional and these can only be solved by giving a practical direction to your thoughts. An example of a challenge like this is helping the needy or providing a lending hand to that friend who started their own business of making masks. Internal debates with your own selves of whether you could be as creative as you once were to get something done is also an example of this.


2. What’s New?

This downtime has given all of us a chance to revisit our oldest passions and dreams that we had when we were children. We might not be at our productive best, but we certainly are at our creative best.


Thus, it is the right time to pick up new skills and to sharpen old ones because your creative mindset may see beauty in things you never saw before.


3. Let’s Work Together to Stay Ahead!

Competition today has become so cutthroat that the gap in marks between rank holders is as low as 0.01%. This attitude didn’t really make sense even before the pandemic but now, it has become even more important to focus on other metrics to gauge children and their skills.


One such primary skill necessary for success today is the ability to collaborate with others to effectively complete a task. As the old saying goes, you may go faster if you go alone but to go farther, you go together.


4. Do I Know Everything to Survive?

Every other minute, children come up with crazy ideas and questions that leave their parents baffled and confused. These questions are born through curiosity.


Every individual is naturally curious but what matters more is tapping into this curiosity to make sure that this flame never burns out. Keeping up with the current trends and picking up new skills are all byproducts of curiosity.


So, keep yourselves engaged with curiosity. Ask questions. Get confused. Find solutions.


5. Finally, Learn to Adapt!

No matter how much we know, there will always come a time when all our knowledge and experience seems useless. How we face this challenge defines us and at this time, innovating with unique solutions helps us grow much more than anything else.


Because change is the only constant. Having an infectiously positive attitude also helps in inspiring those around you to face the same challenges that you do, with ease.


Rather than waiting for things to get back to the ‘old-normal’, think about what you can do today to make this situation work for you. Armed with these qualities, the opportunist in you can rise up and grow.

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