Super Specializing Coding: Not the Best Option for Your Child!

Have you not seen advertisements with kids developing apps and becoming entrepreneurs? While their parents boast about their super specializing coding and development, does it influence us in any way?

The idea of making children code and develop apps and soft wares is viable, no doubt but at what cost?

The world has changed and professional space has blurred lines with personal life. So much that we see innovation happening in the smallest of small essentials. This heat could be sensed by today’s generation. It is evident. The fad of super specializing coding and becoming an app developer is one of the kinds.

Here Are a Few Myths You Should Clear Before Asking Your Child To Be a Coder!

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  1. Isn’t Coding Equivalent to Understanding Technology?

Technology is a broader concept. Coding is just a part of it.

Children while learning how to code might misunderstand this gap and skip the wider perspective. For children to learn technology, they can start by exploring and researching first. Instead of just developing apps and soft wares, children should look at the bigger picture which is the objectives and supporting research.

STEM or STEAM education gives a child an overview of the innovation they want to perform. It does not just talk about technology but science laws and mathematical calculations to support it. Hence, technology is not just coding but a lot more than that.

  1. Coding Boosts Problem Solving and Logical Skills

The cycle of coming to any solution is: Analyze > Understand > Think > Act. This is what the current learning model looks like. Coding not just skips the in-between steps of understanding but tempts to act (test one’s end result).

Your child’s creativity and open thinking are maybe replaced by rote methods.

We’ll, this also could be a way of learning but it definitely misses on adding a correct attitude and following a sustainable learning process.

  1. Coding Will Make My Child More Confident

Most of the job profiles demand technical knowledge. This is often misunderstood by knowing how to code or understand coding languages. As lines are blurring, each future candidate will be built to be an all-rounder.

Hence, your child need not be stamped as a scholar if they know how to code. Rather, confidence is built when one’s ideas are executed successfully. It need not come from coding. Letting them experiment openly and execute their silliest of ideas from the very childhood will help them having confidence in the longer run.

Validating them over a mere skill of coding is wrong and might affect their future.

  1. It Is Easily Available, Then Why Not?

One of the reasons to enroll your child in a coding course is also because of its easy access. No one has to cross rivers or make any extra effort. A simple Google search and a filling out a few forms can get your child to a full-fledged screened lecture.

We parents here will have to take a step back and check if this is even necessary. To put your child in a race, this, at the end might miss adding important values and lessons.

“…But By Learning Coding, My Child is Going to Be Ahead of Times!”

  1. Knowledge vs Experience

After being in your present profession for years, do you still feel you have gained all the possible knowledge?

Being knowledgeable and acing a concept or a theory is no longer a challenge. Today we can see degrees and PHDs being curated on online platforms. Hence, children at their youngest age can acquire knowledge equal to a fully grown. All the resources are almost the same.

What your child might miss on is the experience. Experience teaches one the importance of doing and having strong objectives behind actions. It teaches to select between the fields as by then they know which would the best for them. As knowledge is not just about outer theory but is also in understanding oneself better with their weaknesses and strengths intact.

Let your child understand concepts and later a field by experimenting themselves. Knowledge will follow with actual experiences.

Did You Know?

Roger Federer: This internationally acknowledged and celebrated player had no first love for lawn tennis. He tried his hand over soccer, handball, volleyball, and other games to gain experience and then chose what the best fit was for him!

  1. Is Super Specializing in Coding the Only Future?

There are only two industries that call their customers as users-IT and the drug industry. Reason being addiction that developers create for customers. Your child can become a rat to the race and in no time you would see them competing with other developers and IT geeks. However, what if they were good at engineering devices or automation, or were capable of doing wonders in another field?

  1. What About the Adaptability?

Looking at the colorful world with a particular lens will narrow down the learning process. Children and young kids might succeed in giving solutions through coding but in the real world, they are going to face problems coming from all directions. To this, their single skilled self will not be of any help.

People following a regular path and studying all subjects tend to know the basics of everything. When put in a situation, they do not back off or feel pressured. Their adaptability is better than the former. In this new age, adaptability over super specialization is important for a longer run. The super specialization is superficial and temporary.

  1. Innovation is the Goal!Innovation, Children, Kids, Future, Super Specializing Coding, Coders

Lastly, today’s generation is not just meant to be the next coder but substantial innovators. They understand and can identify the void of need. Hence, making innovations is more important than just following the crowd blindly. This innovation is possible not only in the field of coding and computers but could be in any form and industry. Guiding them towards this path will not only push their positive spirits but also will help them in growing for the future and becoming innovators in a true sense.

In today’s date, creating a kind environment around children than pushing them in a race is the key mantra for Parenting. As said by many, people have found their calling in the late 50s and 60s. This happens not because of the lack of resources but the experience! It builds their beliefs and polishes their knowledge. Age is just a number. But experience and adaptability as qualities are two important factors. Hence, the question lies, would we want our child to miss on it and be another random in the competition?

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