About Bibox Labs

Free thinkers are not born, but a product of the inspiration they get and the opportunities they grab to make a difference. At Bibox Labs, an integrated approach encompassing both knowledge and innovation is designed to get the best out of every student and provide them with the right mindset to create a difference. The Bibox curriculum for schools is founded on three main pillars of Entrepreneurship, Design and Technology as they form the foundation of a free and empowered young mind.

Our Approach

Entrepreneur Mindset

Breaking open a young mind from a fixed mindset to one that reflects the entrepreneurship and innovation driven world of today.

Bibox Labs ingrains students with the concepts of decision making, planning, resource allocation, risk analysis, risk mitigation, intellectual property and patents to provide them the depth and perspective required to execute their ideas.

Design Mindset

Bibox Labs provide students with the entire concepts of Design like Aesthetics, Ergonomics, Mechanics and Usability while encouraging them to question and compare every stage of the fabrication and running of any machine or model. 

Also introducing students to Design Thinking, a groundbreaking, 21st century thought process that helps convert the idea or the inspiration into a workable model.

Technology Mindset

Removing age old notions that the latest in technology are always complex and for specialists, Bibox Labs introduces students to the cutting edge of modern technology  in simple and practical ways. 

With technology made in-house by a similarly motivated young team at Bibox, we provide students a live demonstration of what is possible with imagination and inspiration.

Meet Team Evobi

At Evobi, we believe that the future demands new ideas that can be executed to change our lives for the better. That is why we put our heart and soul to develop creative, analytical, scientific and design thinking skills in students so they can innovate ahead of their time.

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